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๐Ÿ“„Pixelverse Lite Paper

Official documentation and Lite-Paper of Pixelverse

Summary A - Welcome to Pixelverse B - PixelTap: A New Era of Gaming C - Cyberpunk MMORPG D- Pixelverse Media E - $PIXFI Token F - Team Highlights G - Social Channels H - In the news


  • Pixelverse is a cyberpunk-themed gaming ecosystem that integrates third-party developers, intellectual properties (IP), and its own projects.

  • Pixelverse features a cyberpunk-themed game available on both Telegram and web browsers.

  • The platform boasts 60M players and over 14M social media followers, with one of the top 10 biggest channel on Telegram.

"Pixelverse isn't just about creating a game; we're building a retail-friendly brand that captures audience attention and onboards millions to our product lines. We are in the business of the attention economy. An example is leveraging social channels like our YouTube, where we hit 1 million views in 24 hours. When you have distribution, you open an infinity of possibilities for further development." โ€” Says Kori Leon Co-founder

A - Welcome to Pixelverse: Making crypto maintream

Since our first public appearance in February we achieved the following milestones and metrics:

Pixelverse achievements:

  • Multiplatform Accessibility: Available on both Telegram and web browsers, Pixelverse boasts 60 million players and over 14 million social media followers.

  • Diverse Gaming Experience: The ecosystem features a range of games with RPG elements and real-time PvP battles. On Telegram PixelTap, has attracted over 500,000 concurrent live players who are ready to battle.

  • Pixelverse Multiverse: Pixelverse showcases projects like "Huxley" by Ben Mauro, an art director known for his work on Call of Duty, Halo, and Metal Gear.

  • Pixelverse Cross IP: The platform has integrated successful meme coins like Doge and MEW on Solana.

  • Received backing from the most prominent VC in crypto gaming for our $5.5 million fundraising.The $5.5 million round was co-led by Delphi Ventures, Merit Circle, Bitscale Capital and Mechanism Capital, with additional backing from Ghaf Capital, Big Brain Holdings, LiquidX, and Foresight Ventures. Top angel investors, including Sรฉbastien Borget of The Sandbox, Luca Netz the founder of Pudgy Penguins, Dingaling, Grail, and James Kwon, also participated.

  • Partnering with the Best in the Industry: announced a partnership with TON) ,Blum, Karate Combat.

B - PixelTap: A New Era of Gaming

Pixeltap is a player-versus-player (PvP) game that combines strategic gameplay with the innovative concept of "tap-to-earn." Unlike traditional tap-to-earn games that focus on only on tapping, PixelTap challenges players to react quickly as they battle with their robot pets in real time against 500,000 concurrent players.

PixelTap Features:

PvP Battles:

  • Engage in real-time PvP battles using clicking mechanics.

  • Bot Adoption and Upgrades: Adopt a bot and upgrade it using in-game currency. You can also purchase additional bots, each generating daily income in in-game currency.

Unique Bots:

  • Our bots are inspired by crypto and internet culture. Recently, we added Doge, and the leading Solana Memecoin MEW.

In-Game Currency Earning Mechanics:

  • Claim Currency: Collect in-game currency every 8 hours or by clicking.

  • Real time PvP Battles: Earn in-game currency by fighting against random opponents or friends.

  • Referral Program: Share your referral links to gain additional in-game currency.

  • Tasks and Challenges: Complete small social tasks.

  • Daily Combo Puzzle: Solve a daily combo puzzle by guessing the correct combination.

  • Daily Rewards: Receive in-game currency by visiting the app daily.

  • Social Network Integration: Connect your social networks for additional rewards.

SocialFi Features:

  • User Profiles: Each user has a profile displaying detailed game statistics.

  • Competitive Play: Compete with friends by sending them a challenge link.

  • Token Challenges: When challenging friends, you can set tokens as a reward "risk to earn".

  • Boss Fights: Join forces with friends to battle AI opponents together in upcoming boss fights. (coming)

C - Cyberpunk MMORPG

Pixelverse is a cyberpunk MMORPG featuring a vast open world, a truly dynamic economy, and andvanced system of social interactions.

Pixelverse extends beyond its Telegram game. The ecosystem includesa web-based platform and game offering a broader range of activities and interactions for players, ensuring a seamless gaming experience across different devices.

  • Player-Driven World: In Pixelverse, players create and own all items, properties, and organizations. From weapons to skyscrapers, every significant transaction impacts a real player. Outside safe zones, players can rob, kill, or seize unprotected property, hire guards, place bounties, or form gangs for protection and retaliation.

  • Live Economy: Players can trade anything, hire others for tasks, and invest in various ventures. Opportunities range from renting hotel rooms to operating brothels or working for player-owned corporations.

  • Crafting System: With versatile crafting, players gather resources from dangerous areas to create valuable items. Managing ingredients from different regions, negotiating with producers, and hiring crafters are key to success. Buildings vary from motels to data-mining centers.

  • Social Interaction and Professions: Players must interact and trade, mastering different professions like builders, crafters, hackers, and more. Legal systems allow marriages and divorces, while simple jobs like couriers and data miners are accessible to beginners.

  • Massive Battles: Pixelverse features large-scale battles and epic PvE boss raids, with unrestricted PvP battles allowing dynamic engagement at any time.

  • Bots: Every player has utility bots for fighting, trading, carrying items, and quest guidance, each offering unique benefits. Experience a dynamic, player-controlled universe where every decision matters.

D -Pixelverse Media

Telegram Channel Pixelverse

Pixelverse runs one of the largest Telegram channels in the world, with 10M subscribers. With Telegram's new features for content creators, Pixelverse gains a significant advantage in distributing its vision and product lines. Visit our channel here:

YouTube Pixelverse

Pixelverse owns one of the largest Web3-related YouTube channels, boasting over 1 million subscribers. This channel enables Pixelverse to create educational content to help its user base understand cryptocurrencies. Here are some examples of the content produced by our founders


Pixelverse World tour: Pixelverse started its world tour to meet the community all over the world: Pixelfest Seoul, Pixelfest Hong Kong, with DJ Soda, Pixelfest Istanbul and Pixelfest Lagos.

Pixelverse is all about community, fostering relationships, and meeting people. We bring our community together globally through the organization of PixelFest events.

Here are the three main benefits of organizing in-person events to meet with our players:

  1. Strengthening Bonds: In-person events help players connect deeply and form lasting friendships.

  2. Collecting Feedback: Face-to-face meetings provide direct feedback to improve the game.

  3. Boosting Engagement: Events like PixelFest increase excitement, involvement, and player loyalty.

E - $PIXFI: The Heart of Pixelverse

Central to the Pixelverse ecosystem is the upcoming PIXFI token, set to launch on The Open Network (TON). With a total supply of five billion tokens, PIXFI will be integral to all transactions within Pixelverse.

$PIXFI Token:

  • Core Utility: Used for trading, crafting, and battling.

  • Developer Integration: Facilitates game development through the Pixelverse SDK.

  • Total Supply of Tokens: 5,000,000,000.00

  • Blockchain network: ETH Network (ERC-20)

F - Team Highlights

Kirill - CEO:

  • Serial entrepreneur, renowned for founding Step App, merging fitness with blockchain technology.


  • Specializes in business development and go-to-market strategies for cryptocurrency projects. Launched Binance NFT and established Trust Wallet's business development unit. Former Senior Listing Manager at Binance. (

Mamad - CMO:

  • Successful marketer and strategist, Chief Strategy Officer at Cross The Ages, a leading Web3 trading card game.

G - Social Channels

H -Pixelverse in the news

Decrypt: What Is Pixelverse? Telegram Game 'PixelTap,' the PIXFI Token, and Beyond

Coindesk: Solana Meme Coin MEW's Cat Character to Feature on Trending Telegram Mini Game

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