๐ŸฅƒBartender Pluto

The Bartender with a Secret

Pluto, the mysterious bartender with a cunning faรงade, can easily pass for a sympathetic guy-next-door. But don't let his skills in making an excellent whiskey sour or latte macchiato fool you.

Years ago, a corporation built a limited edition of robots, the Beta-Sense 135-AR android series, which had consciousness, reasoning abilities, and could communicate like humans. Pluto, one of these androids, was designed as a diplomatic robot. His diplomatic skills are top-notch, able to negotiate with anyone. Pluto believes that owning information is key to power, and he goes to great lengths to acquire it. As a bartender, he attentively listens to patrons, treating their drunken ramblings as valuable information.

Pluto is generally kind, but those who owe him know not to cross him. His friendly faรงade hides a shrewd mind and a determination not to be trifled with..

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