๐Ÿฅ‡Unbeatable Bobby

Rise and Fall of the Arena Champion

Unbeatable Bobbyโ€”the famous Champion of the Arenaโ€”grew up in a family of top fighters, always surrounded by half-broken bots and discarded parts. From a young age, he studied robotics to follow in his father's footsteps. At just 10 years old, Bobby built his first bot from spare parts to chase away rats. His skills grew, and he soon earned a reputation for crafting killer bots out of anything.

At 15, Bobby won his first Arena battle, and the winning bot became his lifelong mascot. However, his glory days have faded. Bobby is now frequently seen in a state of incapacitation, spending most of his time at Pluto's Bar. He is infatuated with Lucy, the charming AI bot, and spends hours perched on a bar stool, often wearing a tie, trying to impress her.

Bobby's once-promising career has taken a downturn, overshadowed by his obsession with Lucy. Despite his past achievements, he now seems more focused on his infatuation than reclaiming his former glory in the Arena.

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