The Rebellious Tech Journalist

Name: Cipher

Occupation: Rogue journalist and self-taught hacker

Cipher is clever and tricky, using her skills to uncover and steal information. She dislikes rules and loves challenging systems that try to hold her back.

Creed: "Humans and robots are just puzzles to be solved."

Interests: Cipher is fascinated by human interactions and computer viruses, using both to manipulate situations to her advantage.

Biography: Raised in a wealthy family, Cipher learned the secrets and weaknesses of high society. At 15, she escaped by outsmarting a security guard. Now, she uses her talent for words and information to hack into any system or network she targets.

Secret: Occasionally, Cipher infects her own equipment with viruses to stay ahead of her enemies, constantly updating her gear.

Cipher isn't just a journalist; she's a digital shadow, always ready to uncover and expose the next big secret.

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