The Inventive Rebel

Name: Glitch

Occupation: Designer and inventor

Glitch is not just any inventor; heโ€™s known for his smart, often sarcastic comments and his refusal to follow the crowd. Many people look up to him because of his intellect and innovative creations.

Creed: "Punks don't sell out!"

Interests: Glitch loves working on robots, brain-like computer networks, and music.

Biography: Growing up in a tough part of town, Glitch has been making robots since he was a kid. Despite offers from big companies, he prefers independence, even if it means sometimes going hungry. Heโ€™s famous in the underground world for his unique, custom-built AI systems.

Secret: Glitch also makes music, specifically spooky-sounding synthwave tracks. Not all of his songs turn out great, but he keeps at it because he loves doing it.

Glitch lives by his own rules, combining his knack for technology with his passion for music, always staying true to what he believes.

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