The Bioengineer with a Mission

Name: Synthren

Occupation: Bioengineer and activist

Synthren isn't just a bioengineer; she's a fighter for justice. Quick to use her fists when she sees unfairness, she's impulsive and full of energy, always ready to stand up for what she believes in.

Creed: "I'll hack evolution."

Interests: Synthren works to fight inequality. She loves experimenting and working with mutants to push the limits of nature.

Biography: Synthren grew up with strong humanistic beliefs, instilled with a love for all living things. She dreams of creating the perfect creature and often aids the weak by giving them special enhancements. Though she's always helping someone or saving something, she manages to do so without leaving any trace of her presence.

Secret: Outside of town, Synthren has buried some of her failed experimentsโ€”chimeras that didn't turn out as hoped. These hidden graves are a dark reminder of her ambitious but sometimes flawed pursuits.

Synthren is a complex figure: a champion of the weak, driven by high ideals, but also shadowed by the risks and failures of pushing scientific boundaries.

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