A City of Old and New

Enter Neopolis, a city where the future shines brightly with advanced technology. At night, it lights up like a holiday display, blending old, run-down areas with bright neon lights, robots, and bustling people. The mix of old and new gives Neopolis its unique charm.

The cityโ€™s motto, inspired by a famous Arena fighter, is: "Use what you have today to build a better tomorrow, but remember your past to avoid old mistakes." This resonates deeply with the bold adventurers and risk-takers who call Neopolis home.

Key Features of Neopolis:

  • The Arena: The cityโ€™s centerpiece, hosting an annual robot fighting tournament that attracts fighters, traders, and tourists from across the galaxy.

  • Pluto's Bar: A popular hangout spot where residents and visitors relax and socialize.

  • Shopping: Opportunities to shop for fancy penthouses, robot parts, and more.

  • The Wastelands: Dangerous areas outside the city, remnants of its past as a prison town, suitable only for the brave or foolish.

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